We plan IT-Revolutions

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Salzgeber Sets Technology Trends

The Salzgeber IT-revolutionaries develop customised IT-solutions for all industries and company sizes. No project is too small, none to complex. An experienced team of technicians assumes detailed planning according to requirements, wishes and structures of the IT-landscape to detail. The interactions between the innumerable applications and systems are considered in this. IT-plans by Salzgeber are always targeted at developing a stable system sized for the customer's requirements. The Salzgeber IT-revolutionaries are professionals with well-founded knowledge and long-term practical experience. Salzgeber's customers are accompanied from consulting to product selection, to planning and implementation, to support.

Salzgeber Sets Digital Impulses

Data Highway in the Vienna Prater

Systemhaus Salzgeber planned a high-performance 2 kilometres long data line ring for the Stadt Wien Marketing und Praterservice GmbH. The clients' requirements were not to influence the current entertainment business and to complete the placement work within four weeks. The innovative solution "Fibre in the Sewer" achieved the planning objectives. Placement took place without impairment of traffic and business operation. The short construction time specification could be complied with. A positive side effect is that the placement of data cables in the channel led to lower costs than for digging and less emission for the environment.

There are diverse options for using the data highway: Internet (unlimited and up to 100 Mbit with fixed IP-addresses), VPN-network connections between different sites, VPN IP-telephony (free of charge within the Prater), alarm systems, video surveillance, power and energy monitoring, networked cashier, access, multimedia kiosk, airlock and counter systems and the option of Cash Over IP.

Free W-LAN at the Vienna Prater

The first W-LAN cloud in Vienna in a wide-spread public leisure time and entertainment area was planned by Systemhaus Salzgeber for the Stadt Wien Marketing und Praterservice GmbH. The infrastructure planned by Salzgeber enables the visitors of the Vienna Prater to surf the Internet for free. They can connect their cell phones, laptops or iPads to the installed W-LAN cloud from Gabor-Steiner-Weg to the Riesenradplatz, the Straße des Ersten Mai and the Schweizerhaus- or Wurstelplatz, all the way to the Südportalstraße.

Additionally, an information control system guides locals and tourists perfectly through the area of 250,000 square metres. Smartphone users can use a free app to find the innumerable sights and gastronomy operations.

Vienna School of Clinical Research

The Vienna S­chool of Clinical Research charged Systemhaus Salzgeber with the complete planning and implementation of the concept for the entire IT-infrastructure at the site Marxbox. The planning and implementation services comprised the area of IP phone system (Unified Communication Server), server hardware, software, notebooks and docking station, PC workstations, printers, WLAN system, UAG VPN appliance, access system, CCTV system, lecture monitoring, media technology in the meeting rooms and lecture hall and digital door signs.