Revolutionise Your IT

Information technology has become a fixed part of our living and working world. Daily new customer requirements to the high-tech company Salzgeber show that the development of IT is far from being complete. Planning and implementing the IT-systems of the future with today's know-how is the task of the IT-revolutionaries. Systemhaus Salzgeber can build on the strength of an innovative, dynamic technician team that covers many areas of the IT-industry. A dense network of high-tech-companies permits regularly setting new technical trends and standards. Therefore, national and international companies trust in the know-how of Salzgeber's IT-revolutions.

Salzgeber Sets Technology Trends

WLAN Sport Video Systeme
The mobile sports video system for events of many different sports and purposes are an innovative in-house development of Salzgeber. The high-end IP-cameras use HD resolution and the state-of-the-art H.264-compression technology. This permits loss-free frame recording and storage of 25 frames per second. The number of cameras and placement can be selected freely. The system is simply built and easy to operate. Only one power supply is needed and the cameras are ready for use. Even without external power supply, the systems can be supplied with the required power via photovoltaic or fuel cells. The image transfer to a laptop, screen or recording device takes place via WLAN. The area of use is diverse and ranges from technical analysis in training to support of the jury in competitions or evidence-securing of control items in widespread competition routes. The WLAN sports video system of Salzgeber is fit for any challenge.

Laserlink – The Visual Radio Relay System
High-speed data solutions by Salzgeber often leave the conventional paths without losing reliability and stability. The point-to-point laser data transmission developed by Salzgeber and used for many years (Laserlink) permits bandwidths of one gigabit per second. A special benefit of the connection is that the transmission is immune to interferences and perfectly safe against eavesdropping. In contrast to many other wireless solutions like directional radio, Laserlink does not require collection of an authority frequency approval. The only requirement for a Laserlink solution is an unimpaired visual connection between the two points. If the laser is not blocked by anything, speech, video or data are digitalised and transferred by laser modulation. Impairment of the data transfer via the laser route in bad sight conditions like rain, snow or thunderstorm is not known from real operation of Salzgeber systems. No matter if you want to bridge distances of 100 or 1,000 metres - Salzgeber has the right laser solution for anything.

4G Green CCTV – Hybrid Drive for Cameras
A CCTV site without power connection? The hybrid alternative energy video system (HAEV) of Salzgeber makes even monitoring of the most exposed sites easy. The systems are powered only by alternative energies. Depending on availability of sunlight, power is supplied either by a photovoltaics module or a fuel cell in hybrid mode. 25 frames per second can be transmitted loss-free as single frame with the H.264-compression technology by the high-end IP-cameras. Depending on availability, the cameras send their signal to the central control centre or a mobile receiver (Notebook) with the current 3G UMTS or 4G Next Generation Mobile Networks Standard. Of course, the transmission system is also supplied with power via the hybrid alternative energy system. Green CCTV systems by Salzgeber contribute actively to climate protection.

Salzgeber Sets Digital Impulses

WLAN Video at Water Ski & Wakeboard Events

A wakeboard professional performs more than 100 high-action and exciting tricks per run. Like in water skiing, compliance with the rules in the different disciplines is most essential. To make sure that the jury (judges) does not miss anything and can assess the runs truly fairly, they are supported by an electronic video evidence system by Salzgeber.

Four mobile units of this system have been in use in the Austrian water ski and wakeboard association since 2011. The high-end IP-cameras of the innovative in-house development have an HD-resolution and state-of-the-art H.264-compression technology for loss-free single-frame recording and storage of 25 frames per second for the judges.

By default, three cameras are placed by the banks of the competition route and one camera is placed at the motor boat. Only the connection to a power supply with 220 volt at the banks and 12 volt at the boat are required. All components of the Salzgeber sports video systems send and receive the data by encrypted WLAN technology. The judges receive the live images on your laptops and can call the progress of the individual competitions for analysis via the stored streams at any time.

Vienna, Bratislava: On Shopping Tour with the Calorie Counter

Austrian IT-System house Salzgeber took a 2.4 and 5 Gigahertz WI-FI Campaign Marketing System into operation in the Aupark Shopping Centre in Bratislava.

The newest solution for Free WI-FI Shopping and Entertainment from Salzgeber is called "AuFun". The innovative IT-Service provider headquartered in Vienna, Tulln and Munich offers an indoor tracking system with many entertainment and added value services "Made in Austria".

Searching for the car in the multi-story car park with full shopping bags? Visitors in the Czech Aupark shopping center no longer have to do this. They can log into the "AuFun cloud" at the parking place via Smartphone or tablet and save the position of their car with a button. At the end of their shopping day, the system will guide them right back there.

"This can be done due to the high density of Access Points," CEO David Salzgeber explains the system's basis. "They tell the customer where in the shopping center he is currently located. The system will calculate the shortest path to the desired destination. Escalators, elevators and staircases are of course also considered," Salzgeber continues.

Virtual displays on the Smartphone

The offer of the innovative center's operator Unibail-Rodamco is not limited to the "Car Finder". All promotions are displayed well-sorted on the customer's mobile end device sorted by brands or categories. If the selection is chosen, the display will show the shortest path from the current site to the shopping target. A nice gimmick: the covered route and the login data "age group" and "gender" help the system calculate the consumed calories. Registered users can only subscribe to newsletters from individual shops by email or text message and use the Internet free of charge anywhere in the Aupark-Center. "Virtual shopping windows" (VSW) provide the viewer with a live image of selected shop displays. Shop windows can be viewed from the coffeehouse as well. The system's only problem according to David Salzgeber is that "the calorie counter does not increase the value in this function".  

More than just free WiFi

A team of mathematicians, graphics designers and programmers worked on the system and developed an indoor tracking solution without local GPS. Salzgeber sees potential mainly in shopping centers, office buildings, airports and train stations. "Generally, any large building can create added value for itself and its visitors with WI-FI Campaign Marketing," says David Salzgeber. The WiFi cloud offers free added value not only for visitors and customers. 

The operators and marketing officers can use the system to analyze visitor flows and optimize them subsequently. They can also put marketing campaigns right on the visitors' end devices. The media management platform is multi-language-capable. The mobile phone's language is analyzed and the content automatically set to the respective language. Salzgeber: "The greatest benefit for the operator, however, is the simple operation by content management system (CMS) and the open interfaces for future expansions."

Salzgeber develops Green CCTV for ASFINAG

A site without power connection is any infrastructure operator's nightmare. This situation is frequent along the motorways or other exposed sites. The high-tech company Salzgeber therefore developed a hybrid alternative energy video system (HAEVS) for the operator and creator of the Austrian motorways and roads (ASFINAG) and has been using them successfully since 2010.

The truck parking place information, a project of ASFINAG for optimisation of the truck parking place situation in Austria, was taken into operation with the innovative solution of Salzgeber in October 2010. Among others, high-resolution CCTV systems are installed to provide the information on the degree of utilisation of the truck parking places available in Greater Vienna to the truck drivers or transporters. On the driver side, these cameras can be viewed under the mobile ASFINAG Road Pilot at

This is special because the camera signals can be transferred in real time, even though they are not connected to a high-performance data line. The combination of H.264-compression technology and the UMTS standard of the fourth generation (4G) can secure and reliably transfer live images to the ASINFAG centre in Vienna-Inzersdorf. Energy supply is another novel aspect. If there is sufficient sunlight, the cameras and the 4G radio station are supplied with power through photovoltaic cells. If there is not enough sunlight, the entire system can be operated by a fuel cell.

Six motorway stops and eight resting places around the Federal capital with a total of roughly 700 truck parking places were included in this project in the first planning phase. Utilisation recognition of the truck parking places takes place by operators of ASFINAG traffic control in Inzersdorf with access to the video images of the parking places for this purpose.

Laserlink – The Visual Data Highway

A dedicated and creative team of up to 60 employees works at two sites in Vienna and one in Salzburg for the renowned architecture studio of Albert Wimmer. Systemhaus Salzgeber was charged with design and implementation of a high-performance VPN-network and a state-of-the-art VoIP-system to support the employees.

To simplify and accelerate the entire communication and data access of the project teams, the IT-revolutionaries of Salzgeber initially faced the great challenge of establishing an IP connection between the two sites at a distance of roughly 500 metres in the 13th and 15th Vienna community districts. Conventional solutions like a WLAN transmission and receiver system were rendered impossible by the requirements of the landlord of one of the sites rather than because of the Vienna river that has always separated the two districts .

The Salzgeber technicians found the present sight connection between the two sites in the scope of research and planning. This circumstance permitted use of a laser route. A higher-performance and more cost-efficient communications system was developed with the laser link. The entire data traffic and telephony of the two sites of the architecture office runs via this frequency-free and eavesdropping-free bandwidth at up to one gigabit per second.

An enormous benefit is reflected in the frequency range of the visual directional radio laser: In contrast to many other wireless solutions (such as directional radio), the laser link does not require collection of the authority frequency permits. Data transfer works without any problems even in the worst visual situations like rain, snow and thunderstorm.