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Customised Media and Information Systems

You are a presenter? A lecturer? A conference participant? Systemhaus Salzgeber is the reliable partner for extra-great specific AV solutions. Salzgeber inspires enthusiasm in the audio and visual areas time and time again from competent planning to professional implementation. Salzgeber AV solutions literally determine what we see and hear.

Salzgeber Sets Technology Trends

Salzgeber Sound Field Systems for Pleasant Listening
Sound field systems by Salzgeber provide a more pleasant listening experience than conventional sound systems, without the listener getting the impression of being "sound-treated". The lecturer's voice is placed one level above the background noise of the room. A precise strategic placement of high-end speakers distributes the sound equally across all listeners in the room. Frequencies that come very close to the human voice are used. Salzgeber sound field systems reduce the voice load and fatigue of the lecturers and offer the listeners a pleasant sound experience. A typical sound field system comprises of a radio microphone, receiver, amplifier and speaker. The infrared microphone technology offers clear benefits as compared to the use of high-frequency systems, since their signals are not passed on to solid bodies and not interfered with by interferences.

Salzgeber Projection Systems for Better Vision
The projection systems of Salzgeber are specialised for professional use in schools, universities, conference rooms, churches, shops and at trade-fair booths. Systemhaus Salzgeber covers all steps from idea to design to planning to implementation of digital production systems when implementing customer-specific requirements. Salzgeber production systems set digital impulses in system integration and room design. Many different, partially interactive display technologies for floor, wall or ceiling projections ensure attractive environments. Easy-to-operate AV-designs warrant state-of-the-art devices with simple operation for the users.

Salzgeber Smart Exhibition, for Better Exhibitions
Smart exhibition is the customised exhibition system for the professional trade-fair appearance of Systemhaus Salzgeber. A digital, multi-medial AV trade-fair booth enables visitors to immerse themselves in a virtual environment. Large projection areas are used for content presentation, locally controlled via tablets or remote-controlled by other sites. Unique wellness and experience rooms for presentation and sales success were created by combination of Salzgeber sound field and production systems. All stages from idea to design, planning to implementation of smart exhibition are covered by Systemhaus Salzgeber when implementing customer-specific requirements.


Salzgeber Sets Digital Impulses

Third Man Tour Vienna

The chase of Orson Welles alias Harry Lime in "The Third Man" acquired global renown together with the Vienna sewers. Today, the Vienna sewers are a state-of-the-art sewage treatment system that connects technology innovation with a great history. Interested persons may take a look into this mystified city below the city and experience the new and the old on the tracks of the famous penicillin smuggler Harry Lime.

Systemhaus Salzgeber was responsible for the complete technical equipment for staging of the subterranean tour. Audio and video systems must work under the most extreme conditions. Film contents, sound files, light effects and radio microphones are controlled via a central media server in the sewer at a humidity of up to 80%. The HD projectors project the film material in three-dimensionally curved areas via a special lens. If danger is noticed, e.g., by one of the electronic gas sensors, the entire system is powered down at once. An ex-protected emergency lighting is available to evacuate the visitor area. The entire system is remote-controlled. Interferences at the projectors or a temperature increase in the server cabinet immediately delivers a message to the Salzgeber service centre. To warrant secure playing, Salzgeber technicians can be on site within one hour to remove damage even on weekends.

Red Bull TV

The TV pros from the Red Bull stable participate in the international TV trade fairs with their own appearance every year. When the red bull goes flying to Cannes and Berlin with its media house, Servus TV, and the Terra Mater Factual Studios, it relies on Salzgeber technology.

The content presentation is vital for negotiation of transactions as a business platform for the film and TV industry. As one of many competitors, we need to draw the attention of international TV producers to increase the opportunities for global marketing of productions. Systemhaus Salzgeber plans and operates digital signage stations for Red Bull to offer customers and partners just the right atmosphere for successful interviews.

Correct staging of the TV and film productions in highest quality is at the focus at the Berlinale and MIP in Cannes. The three Red Bull companies have a high-end AV system for use at the trade-fair booth. Special remote controllers control the screens like a jukebox. Trailers can be started either as 2D- or 3D-content. Parameter settings and setup of the players and content are made from the Home Base in Vienna.

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